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 Antique typewriters, calculators and other office equipment are displayed behind a thick bank vault door.




  The Museumís volunteer construction crew spent hours and hours enhancing the display of office equipment. They built an enclosed cabinet with glass doors, painted, redid the floor and much more.


The construction crew moved this very heavy safe from another area of the museum into the display of office machines. The safe was originally from the R.C. Heaton Co. store in downtown Paso Robles. Instead of money, it now houses some ledgers.


Rifle Collection


Rifles and shotguns of every type, caliber and gauge are displayed in a secure case for easy viewing. They were collected by Clark S. Smith, longtime owner of Smith's Sporting Goods in Paso Robles.




In addition to many other items, the Smith store sold bicycles and made keys. The business began in 1893.




Country Store

Step up to the counter at the country store and step back in time to the days of asking the store clerk for each item desired.


The post office, as part of the general store, takes one back in time to Mr. Patsey Dunn's store, which housed the very first post office in Paso Robles. The pigeonhole boxes are from San Miguel.


The Kitchen

The pioneer housewife worked hard. The 
wood-burning cook stove behind her was used to 
heat irons for pressing clothes. The fire in the
stove had to be kept burning to heat the irons and 
also so the wife could cook three substantial meals
each day. Regardless of how hot it might be outside, the fire in the cook stove had to be kept alive.


The Bedroom

The bedroom scene shows items typical of the
olden days --- lamps, candles, handmade quilts,
baby carriages, water pitcher and large bowl.
A wreath made of human hair is displayed
on the wall.



  Geneseo School House Bohlin Silver Saddle  Vintage Buckboards Cletrac Tractor


The Old Geezer